About me

Lori has run her company SilverMoon Arts, located in the beautiful Northern Mountains of New Hampshire, since 2001. The sun-bleached stones and worn rooted trails are hinted at in her glass work.

A true New Englander, Lori grew up on the coast of Maine, combing the beach for sea glass, interesting stones and driftwood. That influence has never left her work. Most of her creations reflect the appreciation of worn and weathered beauty.

Mermaid Mosaic Design

My Work

Lori’s work can be found in a variety of galleries and stores throughout Maine and New Hampshire.  She teaches art and Mosaic classes to the  young and old, beginner to experienced lovers of art.  Her mosaics range from in home installation, mirrors, home and garden sculpture and furniture and decorative.

She is an active member of both American (SAMA) and British (BAMA) mosaic societies and has trained in classical mosaic design in both Italy and the US.

Silver Moon Mosaics